6 Lessons You Can Learn from Her Sex Toys

MH0114_FEA_SEX_04So your lady is using sex toys? There is no need to feel ‘not good enough’ instead study her gadgets and unlock the secrets to pleasing her every time.

Yes while I can see this may feel a little threatening for you – like she’s replacing you with a more reliable, battery-operated alternative. Don’t take it personally, chances are she is just not comfortable with telling you exactly what she wants in bed-  or maybe she is thinking of you – you work long and hard days and the last thing you want to do is spend 45 minutes on foreplay.

Since not all toys are created equal, her toy-of-choice can provide insight into what she really wants from you. Learn these few lessons from her sex gadgets, and you’ll soon be irreplaceable.

The Classic Vibrator: A vibrator is most women’s toy of choice, it is dependable, powerful, and a reliable way to get from point A to point O. What  women love about the vibrator is the speeds – she can start slow and  speed it up.  So fellas foreplay is not about one speed, it is about building a climax – start slow and gradually rev it up.

The Bullet Vibe: If she’s using a bullet vibrator then she’s definitely targeting her clitoris. The clitoris is brimming with thousands of nerve-endings, the clitoris is a one-way ticket to orgasm, so it’s not surprising that lots of women focus here. Rather than going straight to thrusting, spend some time giving TLC to her clitoris.

Arousal Oils: Sex oils are tingling, tantalizing gels and lubes that can take pleasure up a notch by making her ultra-sensitive down there. If she is putting in the extra effort to use arousal oils then she wants to finish with a big bang. So don’t skimp on foreplay, focus on clitoral stimulation and get her engine hot.

Men are becoming more open to using toys in the bedroom, and more couples are shopping together to find toys to add to their bedroom toybox.