Anal Pleasure

cv-1844730131If you’re a guy that likes to play with big toys in your backdoor then you know the problems you can have when trying to get a big plug inserted. It can be amazing to feel the added stimulation of a big, thick plug inside you, that is of course if you can even get it inside. That’s the problem I was having, any butt plug I tried to play with always left me feeling like I wanted something more, but when I tried to play with an extra large toy I found it difficult to get inside me.

Luckily I found an easy solution with the Anal Fantasy Collection Vibrating Ass Blaster. It’s a slim plug that I can easily fit inside, and once I’ve gotten it all the way in all I need to do is squeeze on the ball pump a few times and it inflates to the exact size I want. It feels firm and full, and then with the press of a button it even starts to vibrate. I love playing with this plug in the shower; I stick it to the tile and then back up onto it so I can enjoy it hands free.

I love my Vibrating Ass Blaster and how easy it is to use. Finally I have a plug that is easy to insert, but also feels incredibly full and satisfying inside me. I love the powerful vibrations and the waterproof technology that lets me enjoy it in my shower, plus all the free goodies that come with it as well like the finger sleeves, anal desensitising cream, anal lube, and toy cleaner.