Be Prepared for Amazing Vacation Sex

00-intro-COMP-3187726Getting away together as a couple, whether it’s the first time or the hundredth, can be incredibly romantic, and lead to some great sex. Be prepared for incredible vacation sex with a few extra necessities packed away in the luggage, and ensure that trip is packed full of amazing experiences.

Sex Toys

Only take what can be left behind. Don’t take expensive toys along as many things end up lost on vacation. Instead, invest in a low priced mini vibe. They are easy to pack and usually at a small price so if it is left behind it won’t matter. Before packing remove the batteries or place toys in lock mode so they don’t go off during a security check at the airport.


A vacation filled with fun sex will need lots of lube, and there’s no guaranteeing that every destination will have a store with a supply of water or silicone based lube available. Seal the containers properly and pack in a sealable bag so they don’t leak over clothing, and pack in the luggage as they won’t be allowed in carry-on bags.

Chargers and Batteries

Many countries have different electrical outlets, and chargers may not work with them. Buy a power adapter, or an alternate charger made for the destinations region. If toys require batteries bring along an extra supply as there may not be any available at local hotels or stores.

Vacation is a time to let go of inhibitions and experience something new, and that can mean some amazing sexual experiences. Make sure that everything necessary is at hand, as local shops may not have the right accessories, and be prepared for some amazing vacation sex.