Deciding on a Sex Toy as a present

gift-givingPurchasing a sex toy as a present is complicated. While almost certainly meant as a pleasurable gift to have fun with each other, it may be taken the wrong way. If treated appropriately, a sex toy can make a perfect gift. I chose to buy my girlfriend a sex toy – this would be her first, so I wanted to make the experience fun, exciting, and most of all an enjoyable one. I wanted to find a company with quality toys and good customer service to help me. I ended up choosing the Sex Toys 24/7 Adult Shop, and from their lelo toy range

How to Make Your Proposal Special

wedding-proposal-in-streetYou’ve found the love of your life; you’ve found the perfect ring. Now all you have to do is figure out how to pop the question. If your girlfriend wants to marry you she’ll say yes regardless of how you ask, but since you’ll be retelling the story for the rest of your lives why not make it special?

Some of the best marriage proposals I’ve seen!

Anal Pleasure

cv-1844730131If you’re a guy that likes to play with big toys in your backdoor then you know the problems you can have when trying to get a big plug inserted. It can be amazing to feel the added stimulation of a big, thick plug inside you, that is of course if you can even get it inside. That’s the problem I was having, any butt plug I tried to play with always left me feeling like I wanted something more, but when I tried to play with an extra large toy I found it difficult to get inside me.…

Rocks Off Tattoo RO-160mm – If You Love Me

cv-2503770014For her birthday, my wife told me that she only wanted things that were gold. She was joking, but I decided that made it easy for me and loaded up on jewellery and little boxes. But I decided to do even better than that by adding in a special toy that would still fit with her request. She loved the jewellery and has worn it several times, but the toy gets regular play, probably more than I’ll ever know. I bought from the Rocks Off range of sex toys.…

Power Pumps For A Bigger Penis

pha067000051It’s embarrassing to admit it, but under the cloak of anonymity that the Internet lends I can fully confess to having smaller than average genitals. Thankfully, I found a solution and it didn’t involve pills or dangerous surgery, in fact, all I had to do was take a little time each day with my favorite new toy.…