Cocksling Review

couple-love-sex-kiss-bed-410x290_0Sex has never been as good as it has since I got the Cockslingfrom my favourite online sex shop. It has even made masturbating more enjoyable, and let’s face it, sex and masturbating weren’t exactly dull to start with. This was before I cam across the Tantus C-Sling.

I picked up this bright red Cocksling because all the guys at the club were swearing by it. Said it would make my penis look extra large when I wore it. Not one to trust a bunch of guys in the locker room I did some of my own research and found that when you wear a cock ring it will trap blood inside the penis, making it easier to maintain an erection, and even encourage a stronger erection. My research also found that it could be used to delay orgasm, making me last longer, and then making the eventual climax way more intense than usual.

I was excited to move on from research to practical application, because let’s face it, every guy loves the thought of a bigger dick. I decided to try it out for the first time while I masturbated, and followed the advice I had read. I used plenty of lube and slid it right down to the base of my penis. I looked in the mirror and was amazed at the big, engorged penis pointing up at me. It felt incredible, and was comfortable to wear, plus when I was done it came off easily and washed in seconds. I can’t wait to try wearing the Cocksling while having sex to see how much longer I can last.