Deciding on a Sex Toy as a present

gift-givingPurchasing a sex toy as a present is complicated. While almost certainly meant as a pleasurable gift to have fun with each other, it may be taken the wrong way. If treated appropriately, a sex toy can make a perfect gift. I chose to buy my girlfriend a sex toy – this would be her first, so I wanted to make the experience fun, exciting, and most of all an enjoyable one. I wanted to find a company with quality toys and good customer service to help me. I ended up choosing the Sex Toys 24/7 Adult Shop, and from their lelo toy range – they seemed to offer a big range, competitive prices with a price guarantee, and their customer service was excellent.

So, this is my advice to would-be sex toy shoppers ..

Make It a Part of a Larger Present

When it is a special event, they can’t boast to family and friends that their partner gifted them with a new butt plug, so a sex toy as a present should be discreet, and in most cases followed by another big present. Make the toy a fun extra.

The Length of the Relationship

When a relationship is still fairly new it may not be a good idea to present them with a gift wrapped vibrator. Rather, save it as a special gift for a later date, and give them a romantic gift instead.

The Type of Toy

Remember this is a gift for them, so if they’re not into BDSM don’t get them a whip and ball gag. Keep it light and build on previous experiences enjoyed together. If a vibrator has been a fun addition in the past then get a better model with more functions and features.

If still unsure then get some oils and candles, and give them a sensual massage. It’s a present that can be repeated and takes no batteries. And if still in doubt, flowers never fail.

Thinking of buying that special somebody a toy?

Sunny Megatron

How to Choose