Fulfill Your Sexual Fantasies

emmastone-lgYou think about sex all the time. Your mind is constantly thinking up  new ways to get freaky. Here’s how you can make it happen.

Sex isn’t just  about gratification, it is about building a long lasting trust with another partner, it’s about overcoming your inhibitions and exploring new experiences.

So has your relationship hit a point where it is comfortable and sex life is routine. Yes it is an awkward conversation to bring up with your girl. I suggest you buy a good bottle of wine and cook her dinner. When the wine kicks in, uncork another bottle and casually mention that you should talk about a few sexual fantasies that each of you have – now if your not comfortable doing this then here are few things you can do to help spice up your sex life and get your partner comfortable with fulfilling your sexual desires.

Erotic Massage: Women love massage and it doesn’t have to be an exhausting form of foreplay. Start by asking her where she likes to be massaged and focus on those areas first, then once the mood heats up steer her toward your own hot spots.

Test Her Boundaries: Try to balance adventure and safety, when you want to implement something new into the bedroom do it slowly and ease her into it. The reason many women feel uncomfortable with living out many fantasies is because it kind of scares them, so slow and steady wins the race.  For example if you want to implement a bit of BDSM start by holding her hands down gently during sex, get her use to that then take it up a notch.