How to Make Your Proposal Special

wedding-proposal-in-streetYou’ve found the love of your life; you’ve found the perfect ring. Now all you have to do is figure out how to pop the question. If your girlfriend wants to marry you she’ll say yes regardless of how you ask, but since you’ll be retelling the story for the rest of your lives why not make it special?

Some of the best marriage proposals I’ve seen!

Here are some things to consider while planning the perfect proposal.

Personalize your proposal according to your girlfriend’s interests. If she loves classic literature recite the proposal Mr. Darcy gave Elizabeth. If she loves carnivals propose at the top of a ferris wheel at sunset. If you have a good relationship with her girlfriends ask for their advice! It’s likely that they’ve talked about proposals already.

Consider how much she enjoys attention before you propose in a public way, like on the big screen of a stadium or an airplane banner. A sentimental proposal is often the most memorable. Take her to the restaurant you went to on your first date, or to the theatre where you shared your first kiss.  Or take her on a romantic getaway and propose by slipping the ring on her finger while she sleeps. She’ll wake up to discover your proposal on your hand! Why not leave a box of sexy lingerie at the bedside table – a diamond ring and sexy lingerie is certainly the way to a woman’s heart.

Regardless of the setting and details of your proposal, the most important thing to do is to speak from your heart. Tell her what she means to you and why you want to spend the rest of your life with her.