Reader Review: A Stroker For The Gay Guy

cv-1684760006Contributed By Ben

I love the feeling of using a stroker when I masturbate. It’s way better than the palm of your hand, and usually fairly inexpensive, plus with the right one it feels almost like the real thing. The only problem I have with most strokers is that they’re all made and marketed for straight guys. You might think it wouldn’t make a difference, but as a gay male, I don’t want to plunge my cock into a pussy shaped opening.

Thank goodness for the new line of strokers from Fleshlight called the Fleshjack Boys. It caters to the gay male with openings that are made to look like male assholes and mouths. The one I picked out is the Fleshjack Boys Brent Corrigan Mouth. I’m a big fan of Brent Corrigan’s movies, and to actually be able to masturbate with a mold of his lips around my shaft is amazing.

The mouth is tight, and opened just the right amount, then when you slide inside you’re greeted with a textured inner chamber. It feels incredible, and it’s long enough that you can get a fairly deep penetrating feeling. I just squirt some water based lube inside it before I start to play and when I’m done it washes out super easy. It’s small enough too that when I’ve had to travel I’ve been able to pack it away easily.

I’m so happy that someone finally came out with a toy for gay guys to masturbate with. The Fleshlight toys always sounded like a lot of fun, but I certainly wasn’t going to stick my dick into some vagina. But this line of Fleshjack Boys is a lot of fun, and I’m even tempted to get another one, with an anus.