Rocks Off Tattoo RO-160mm – If You Love Me

cv-2503770014For her birthday, my wife told me that she only wanted things that were gold. She was joking, but I decided that made it easy for me and loaded up on jewellery and little boxes. But I decided to do even better than that by adding in a special toy that would still fit with her request. She loved the jewellery and has worn it several times, but the toy gets regular play, probably more than I’ll ever know. I bought from the Rocks Off range of sex toys.

I came across the Rocks Off Tattoo RO-160mm – If You Love Me. Immediately after unwrapping all her jewelry my wife came to the small bundle from after a good laugh at my version of something gold, she got to playing with this small bullet shaped gold vibrator.

It is remarkably powerful seeing that it hardly made any sound, and I love trailing it across her body and watching her response. I’m certain it’s been made use of more often than not whilst I’ve been away from home, and I surely got more for my $50 than I did with the necklace, bracelets, or earrings. Though needless to say if she had not gotten the jewelry and simply a vibrator I would be signing divorce papers, but since her vibe was backed up with real gold, she’s happy and so am I.