Signs Your Ex Wants You Back


Do you want to get back together with your ex-girlfriend but you don’t know if she feels the same way? Or is an ex-girlfriend hanging around a lot and you’re wondering why? Here are some signs that your ex-girlfriend wants you back.

  1. She gets jealous when you give other women attention. Your ex might not have been jealous during your relationship, but if she wants you back she’ll be upset by any attention you give other women; she’ll want your attention on her.
  2. She brings up memories from your relationship. If your ex tells happy stories and reminisces about your relationship she’s hoping to rekindle the positive emotions of your relationship. Reminiscing is an effort to push the negative memories of the relationship out of your head and focus your thoughts on the happy times.
  3. She calls or shows up as often as she did when you were together. If your ex is trying to spend as much time with you as she did during the relationship, she is trying to work her way back into your life. She’s hoping that falling into the same patterns will lead you to falling into the same behaviours.
  4. She does favours for you she didn’t do when you were together. If she’s doing things for you now that she didn’t do in the past it’s likely she’s trying to get you to see her worth. By taking care of you, she makes herself important or even indispensable to you.